Accelerated Learning

We are specialists in the Accelerated Learning approach, which is based on years of research into how the brain works and how we learn best. We recommend Colin Rose’s renowned language courses as a basis for our training; 10 years of experience and feedback have shown us that you can achieve amazing results with them. Our tutors are trained to supplement and adapt them according to your particular business need. The combination of these courses with our tutors’ input will get you speaking in the new language very quickly. In French, German, Spanish and Italian.
The accelerated learning approach
employs all your senses through:
  • visual images
  • music and rhythm
  • activities, exercises and games

With these benefits from listening:

  • lots of enjoyable input
  • use of your own time
  • repetition in different styles helps memory
  • helps noticeably with pronunciation

Accelerated Learning,
the new language is received by
both the left and right sides of the brain,
by the subconscious
as well as
the conscious mind

Here’s a brief overview of the theory:

The course has a story which runs all the way through. Why a story? We remember things much more readily in context. (After all, information used to be passed on by word of mouth.) Emotion is engaged through the use of music, which is processed in the same part of the brain as the long-term memory, which means that the right as well as the logical left brain is engaged, and you get a holistic view of the language rather than an analysis of words in isolation. The story is printed exactly as you hear it on the tape, with the English translation side by side. This instantly removes the pressure to understand, leaving you more relaxed and in a better state for learning to take place.

The language is presented in a variety of ways using visual images, music and rhythm, and activities and games. So your own unique learning style can be satisfied.

What about grammar?

Grammar is simply the instruction manual for a language. It names the parts and gives the rules, just like your computer manual. Like a manual it is mainly for reference and for help when you want to do something more advanced. We teach you grammar by looking at the language you know from the story, explaining how and why it works, as you need it.


With the Accelerated Learning approach you’ll find that you’ll remember a new language with ease (where traditional methods may have failed you).

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