What Makes Training With

Languages In Business Different?

Our courses are fun, flexible and stress-free!


  • We listen to what you want

  • We come to you

  • We can cover all languages

  • We maximise class time for extra  language practice

  • We focus on speaking and understanding ordinary language

  • We help you develop strategies and build your confidence to get the most out of your language training

  • We use great materials

  • We provide variety to keep you interested and motivated

We have a wonderful team to help you achieve all this!

How do we do this?

We use the highly successful Accelerated Learning approach which has given us brilliant results and we pride ourselves on our flexibility and the relationships we forge with our customers.



Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How long will it take?

Most people complete an Accelerated Learning course in 26 lessons (or fewer). The length of time varies for everyone according to:

  • existing knowledge
  • motivation
  • commitment
  • time available
  • individual learning rate

We’re confident we can get you talking in no time 
at all!

2. What will I be able to do?

By the end of your course you will be able to understand and interact in everyday situations such as:

  • introductions
  • talking about yourself and your business
  • making arrangements
  • making appointments
  • asking for information.

Although your understanding will be better than your oral skills, you will be able to read and pronounce the language effectively.

So a native speaker will understand you easily!

3. How long are the classes?

In our experience, the optimum length of time for a weekly class, based on the average concentration span, is 1˝ hours. This may vary, of course, according to your needs. Twice a week is more than twice as fast.

By using your own time for listening as well, all contact time with your tutor is excellent value!

4. Can I have intensive tuition?

Of course! You may need an intensive 2-day kick-start or refresher course or even a tailored week or two for your specific needs. The course will incorporate Accelerated Learning techniques, and we’ll give you two tutors to ensure variety.

We are very flexible. Let’s discuss YOUR needs!

5. Where do the classes take place?

On a weekly basis classes are usually run at your place of work. This saves you time. We can organise an outside venue for you if you prefer, especially for intensive courses.

Our price includes the cost of the tutor’s travel to you!

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