English for non-native speakers

The training we offer is:

  • For non-native executives working in companies in the UK
  • Short-term intensive to enhance existing language skills
  • Goal-oriented to meet specific job needs


We can guarantee results!

At LIB we have found a growing need for English language training; the biggest problem facing foreign nationals, whether visiting or taking up residence, is the culture shock.

Dealing with ‘real’ English can be particularly overwhelming, however adequate the knowledge of technical language. We concentrate on making the learners feel comfortable, so they can understand and express humour, and deal with regional accents and idiom. Feeling more understood and valued, they will be better equipped to foster interpersonal relationships and settle into the company. A more confident colleague will make for a more effective one.

The routes we take to achieve this vary: our courses range from short and intensive to one or two sessions a week over a longer period for individuals or small groups. The focus may be primarily on Business English, working on presentations, negotiating and so on, or on a general review of grammar, vocabulary and speaking and writing skills (reports, letters etc.).

Whatever the situation, we listen carefully to make a full assessment of the learners’ (and the company’s) needs and then tailor the programme to suit, incorporating Accelerated Learning techniques. We use authentic materials such as company literature, videos, TV programmes, tapes, newspapers, magazine articles and literature as well as published language courses and CD roms. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and on our understanding of the constraints on your time. If you think we can help you we will be delighted to arrange a free assessment.

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