• need to learn a language
  • are very busy and under pressure
  • may have been less than successful in the past
  • may not be feeling very confident about it


  • learn a new language with ease
  • fit it into your busy work schedule
  • enjoy it!


You can build your confidence and ability by following these steps:


  1. You complete an assessment of what you already know even if it’s just a few phrases, so that we have a clear picture of your experience to date of the language (and if you want to start again from the beginning that’s fine!).

  2. You focus on what you need: for example, spoken business French for negotiating in meetings; German for social chatting with clients over the phone; writing skills for emails and reports, and so on.

  3. Set your own targets for example, an external exam, or mastering basic survival skills, and when you’ve achieved those we’ll celebrate your success and set more targets! This way your progress can be easily charted, adding extra value whether you are the learner or the employer.
  4. The right materials will help you reach those targets. There may be a heavy emphasis on listening materials (especially if your overall aim is to speak fluently). We have a large bank of resources and constantly review what is available on the market, including useful web sites. We will also spend time with you, free of charge, explaining the use of the materials before your first class.

  5. You will be helped by one of our team of experienced, professional tutors, chosen for their ability to put you at your ease as well as their subject knowledge. You will have the right tutor for your needs, who will come to you, on site, at a time that suits you.

  6. You will receive regular feedback so that you are aware of your progress and/or clear about areas to focus on. You can also request regular reports if that is helpful.

  7. We’ll encourage you and help you surpass your own expectations of yourself so you’ll feel confident and comfortable in your new language!


Seven Small Steps
With Languages in Business
can get you BIG results!

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