Tailored Course


For those who already have a certain proficiency in the target language, or have completed the Accelerated Learning course, we design tailored programmes based on the use of authentic materials such as company literature, videos, tapes, magazine articles and literature, as well as published language and business courses and CD Roms. We emphasise the value of listening to the language at all levels and have an ever-increasing bank of resources.

Orientation of the course is largely dependent on your individual needs and interests. At the initial meeting and throughout the course, we help to clarify your aims and objectives, with emphasis on achievable goal-setting. We discuss your interests and choose your course materials with these in mind. If external examinations are a goal, we can organise these.


  Tailored Intensive Courses



Most people learn a language most effectively over a period of at least 6 months, but sometimes it can be useful or necessary to have an intensive course of one or two weeks to get off to a flying start. Another possibility is to have a periodic ‘boost’ of one or two days. Whatever your choice, each course is tailored to your individual needs, often at a venue away from the workplace, and usually led by two tutors to ensure variety. You will be expected to commit some time in the evenings to promote maximum retention.

Accelerated Learning language courses are often used as a basis for these. It is also possible to base a course around a specific goal, e.g. a visit to a Trade Fair or a presentation to be made. Any intensive course is most effective when followed by some review sessions or a visit to the country.

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